Friday, May 22, 2009

I think every man should have one "QUALITY" vintage timepiece for his wardrobe.
Here is a picture of my vintage "rare' blue dial Rolex Air-King Date model. I recently had it overhauled, oiled, cleaned and buffed...I think i am in love with it once again! I have probably bought, sold and traded over 100 Rolex timepieces. Most know that I am a complete WATCH NUT!!!
So let me tell you the story behind this one.
I saw this on Ebay over 9 years ago (WHEN EBAY WAS FOR REAL), I spoke with the jewelry store in detail about this watch before buying it. I stayed up to 3:45 in the morning, eyes BLOOD SHOT RED and waited for the last 8 seconds of the auction and placed my winning bid. I was determined to win this timepiece. as I placed my bid, I was waiting for the notice-YOU ARE THE WINNING BIDDER(BTW UNBELIEVABLE PRICE I WON IT FOR). It was if I had won the lottery. I promptly paid the store for the watch and had them ship it over night to me. When I received the watch I wore it day and night for 2 months and it just begin to lose it's luster for me. I was determined to sell it. THE PROBLEM-My wife absolutely loves this watch, when I put it up for sale more than a dozen times or so she would delete the offer or tell my friends and clients that it was not for sale.

I had pulled the crown out because it needed to be set, because I had not worn it for a while and my wife calls me and took my attention off of setting the watch, anyway a few seconds later, I forgot I had already pulled the crown out. So I go to pull the crown out again and pull it right away from the case of the watch. I was horrified because I knew the Rolex Service center was going to want a back, arm and leg to fix this one, needless to say after I paid and arm and a leg to get it fixed I am glad she never let me sell or trade this one away. This one is a KEEPER!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

Correct way to wear a roll to three or two button jacket!
The right way to wear a double-breasted coat

The Correct way to wear a 3-button jacket




The proper way to wear a suit jacket or sport coat is NOT like Howie Mandel. In fact if you wear your jackets with all buttons buttoned up, the banker ain't' gonna come calling trust me, instead you just may have your local mental institution pick you up presuming you just escaped the facility in a buttoned up straight jacket. Straight Jackets ARE NOT CHIC!
So the next time you are primping yourself, make sure that if you are wearing a single breasted two button jacket that ONLY THE TOP button is buttoned, if it is a three button jacket, the middle button only and if it's a double-breasted jacket, only the top button may be buttoned.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thursday May 7th, 2009

Next time you are rummaging through your sock drawer for the right navy blue, grey or black socks. try something different by adding a little bit of bling to your ankles. Why not pull out an EYE POPPING stripe, solid or pattern sock that complements your trouser, pocket square, necktie or sport coat. You will be the talk of the town!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Goodyear Welted Shoe Features

The main identifying feature of a Goodyear shoe is its bottom. This comprises of two soles separated by a layer of granulated cork and joined together by double stitching. Stitching first joins the welt to the underside of the insole, and then the sole is stitched to the welt.
There are therefore no stitching holes inside the shoe, which gives it perfect insulation from cold, heat and ground dampness, and great comfort and support. This production system makes it somewhat rigid when new, although this rigidity is lost immediately. With use, the foot adapts to the insole, leaving the user’s imprint inside the shoe and providing exceptional comfort.

Goodyear Welted
The Goodyear Welted method, the origins of which can be traced back over three hundred years, is widely regarded as the best way of putting together the components in a premium quality leather shoe.

The name Goodyear Welted comes from the long strip of leather - called the welt - that is stitched to the upper and the insole of the shoe. The outsole (sole) is attached separately to the welt. This unique construction gives Goodyear Welted shoes their superior performance properties.

The more a Goodyear Welted shoe is worn, the more comfortable it becomes as the leather components gradually mould to the shape of the foot. And because the components are stitched rather than glued together, all the natural properties of the leather are retained, giving improved thermal insulation, durability, flexibility and shape retention, as well as the best possible breathing conditions for feet.

It is also possible to re-sole a pair of worn Goodyear Welted shoes or boots by stitching new soles to the existing welts, thereby increasing their life expectancy.

Blake Stitched shoes

Blake-stitching is often used by Italian shoemakers as this method can make for a very light, thin-soled shoe. However, Blake-stitched shoes are not as durable, water resistant, or as easily repaired as a welted shoe. They are however, considered superior to a cemented shoe which is simply glued together.

Blake-stitched shoes have an upper, an insole, and a sole but they do not have a welt. The insole and upper are attached to the last. Then the sole is glued on and a single row of machine-stitching is used to stitch through and attach the sole, the insole, and the upper.

Whew! Aren't we glad spring/summer has finally arrived? But wait, it still looks and feels like winter in most parts of the USA. No need to fret.....I just brought a little sunshine with me. Are you tired of the same old same old? We are too. Do away with the hum drum and bring some light back into your life. Rock these 100% cotton trousers in lime, red, lemon, powder blue or peach with a navy sportcoat this season!