Friday, May 08, 2009

Correct way to wear a roll to three or two button jacket!
The right way to wear a double-breasted coat

The Correct way to wear a 3-button jacket




The proper way to wear a suit jacket or sport coat is NOT like Howie Mandel. In fact if you wear your jackets with all buttons buttoned up, the banker ain't' gonna come calling trust me, instead you just may have your local mental institution pick you up presuming you just escaped the facility in a buttoned up straight jacket. Straight Jackets ARE NOT CHIC!
So the next time you are primping yourself, make sure that if you are wearing a single breasted two button jacket that ONLY THE TOP button is buttoned, if it is a three button jacket, the middle button only and if it's a double-breasted jacket, only the top button may be buttoned.

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