Friday, May 22, 2009

I think every man should have one "QUALITY" vintage timepiece for his wardrobe.
Here is a picture of my vintage "rare' blue dial Rolex Air-King Date model. I recently had it overhauled, oiled, cleaned and buffed...I think i am in love with it once again! I have probably bought, sold and traded over 100 Rolex timepieces. Most know that I am a complete WATCH NUT!!!
So let me tell you the story behind this one.
I saw this on Ebay over 9 years ago (WHEN EBAY WAS FOR REAL), I spoke with the jewelry store in detail about this watch before buying it. I stayed up to 3:45 in the morning, eyes BLOOD SHOT RED and waited for the last 8 seconds of the auction and placed my winning bid. I was determined to win this timepiece. as I placed my bid, I was waiting for the notice-YOU ARE THE WINNING BIDDER(BTW UNBELIEVABLE PRICE I WON IT FOR). It was if I had won the lottery. I promptly paid the store for the watch and had them ship it over night to me. When I received the watch I wore it day and night for 2 months and it just begin to lose it's luster for me. I was determined to sell it. THE PROBLEM-My wife absolutely loves this watch, when I put it up for sale more than a dozen times or so she would delete the offer or tell my friends and clients that it was not for sale.

I had pulled the crown out because it needed to be set, because I had not worn it for a while and my wife calls me and took my attention off of setting the watch, anyway a few seconds later, I forgot I had already pulled the crown out. So I go to pull the crown out again and pull it right away from the case of the watch. I was horrified because I knew the Rolex Service center was going to want a back, arm and leg to fix this one, needless to say after I paid and arm and a leg to get it fixed I am glad she never let me sell or trade this one away. This one is a KEEPER!

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