Thursday, June 18, 2009


Most blogs focusing on men's interest "talk about" or "promote" $400.00 bottles of Scotch. They are so good, but what do they think, that we are in 2004 still? Don't they know we are in hard economic times right now? When in hard times sometimes you just need a really good drink. Most know that I am a drinker and collector of fine Scotch. About two years ago while visiting San Francisco a few friends got together. knowing I am a scotch fan, they poured me a couple of shots. I was amazed at how smooth this blend was. I asked what brand is this. My friend pulled the bottle from behind his bar and I was floored! Premium Scotch from TRADER JOE'S $9.99 to $12.99 a bottle. INCREDIBLE!!!! Here is the bad news! From my Knowledge only the Trader Joe's in the Bay area sells these. Get yourself some friends in Berkely, San Franciso, San Jose or Oakland and have them send you a bottle. My mouth is getting dry as I am typing, think i'll pour myself some now. Cheers.

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