Monday, June 15, 2009


Have you noticed lately (last 10 years- really the last 20 years) how unfashionable the men's fashion publications have become? If you have answered Yes, I feel the same way. It used to be a time that you (meaning fashionable men) could not wait to get their hands on the next Esquire or GQ. You would not even open it up if you purchased it from your local grocery store check lane, instead waiting to you got home to embrace the whole magazine...but as the years went by then you almost had to open it up because if you did not, you would promptly throw it away for the lack of fashion it contained. The FAILED attempt of MEN'S VOGUE gave a lesson on how to start a men's magazine and run it straight out of publication by doing the exact same thing that Esquire and GQ does, NOT TALK OR HIGHLIGHT FASHION.
I BLAME THE AMERICAN MEN"S WEAR PUBLICATIONS THEY ARE THE REASON A GENERATION OF YOUNG MEN DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE! When you look at them now, they don't represent men's fashion in anyway. They represent how to be turned off from it. The people behind these magazines must really hate men's fashion because they do it such a dis-service. You may ask how...because they are all owned by the same company, and they do the same things! This was painfully clear when they featured Tom Browne as the next best thing in men's fashion. Are you kidding me????

But the above magazines bring new life to men's fashion magazines. They are not filled with page after page of boring articles or worthless advertisements. But instead they focus on MEN'S FASHION!!!!! Men's EX is by far the best. The only problem is everything is in Japanese. but the pictures are clear, their goal is clear and focused. My advice would be to grab hold of these when they come out. Several months ago they were easy to get, now there are waiting list for them are they are completely sold out. ESQUIRE, GQ Take some lessons. Maybe you will survive. it's never too late to turn around-get back to your roots-FASHION!

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